Fun with Coconut Oil

So now that coconut oil’s bad rap is out of the way, let’s talk about the amazing things this oil can do!

  • high heat threshold (unrefined coconut oil melts at 24-25°C (76°F) and smokes at 170°C (350°F))
  • among the most stable of all oils
    • slow to oxidize (ie: difficult to become rancid)
  • great source of energy since it enters the blood stream immediately and consistently (not just a quick shot like sugar)
  • can use internally and externally
  • rich in lauric acid, a nutrient that supports the body’s immune system
  • boosts the body’s metabolism
  • promotes weight loss (due to several points already mentioned)
  • anti-microbial
    • so it’s great for combating acne and candida related issues

There are many uses too:

  • use in place of butter
    • on popcorn
    • to cook eggs and anything else
    • spread on toast
  • use on skin
    • use as moisturizer on skin
    • spread on face and wipe off with cotton swab to remove make-up
    • as an anti-cellulite cream
  • put in hair to deep condition/hydrate
  • massage oil
  • put in smoothies
  • make a raw cheezecake!

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