Soda Concerns

drinking soda

Still not sure why sodas are considered a health hazard? Some points are highlighted below:

  • The big thing about soda is the phosphoric acid and high fructose corn syrup in it. Diet sodas are even worse because of the aspartame that is used (which in high doses has adverse affects).
  • Phosphoric acid upsets the phosphorus-calcium balance in the body, because calcium is released from the bones to restore proper pH balance in the blood, therefore weakening bone density; increases risk of osteoporosis and bladder cancer; neutralizes the hydrochloric acid in your stomach, which can interfere with digestion, making it difficult to utilize nutrients.
  • High Fructose corn syrup converts to fat much quicker than other sugars; it doesn’t contain any vitamins or minerals (so, it IS like white sugar!), and therefore your body uses up good minerals to balance out this affect/poison in the body; and it is made from genetically engineered corn.
  • And Aspartame is linked to many cancers and neurological disorders. Nutritionists say many people are allergic to this artificial sweetner because of the protein base. Others will point to the three molecules it is made up of, one of which is methanol – extremely toxic to our bodies in high amounts, resulting in death (think of cleaning products).
  • the caramel coloring used in Coke and Pepsi, are sugars that have reacted with both ammonium and sulfite compounds…otherwise known as Caramel IV or ammonia-sulfite process caramel. Reacting sugars with ammonia results in the formation of numerous chemical byproducts. Two of them, 2-methylimidazole and 4-methylimidazole, have been shown in government studies to promote lung, liver, and thyroid tumors in laboratory rats and mice.
  • California public health officials consider 4-methylimidazole a known carcinogen.

Here are some sites with more in depth info:
All about Coca-cola products. Great site to get an idea of what is in most sodas.

Site on High Fructose Corn Syrup concerns:

This is a video on the affects and history of Aspartame:

1 hour long. First half hour is basically testimonials and stories, second half hour goes more in depth into the science and political history. is also a site with a wealth of information- documents, videos, etc. on aspartame and other concerns.


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