A Fattening Fat Free

fatfreecreamTell me, what is wrong with this picture?

First off, how can one have a “fat free” half & half, if “made with all natural milk and cream”?  Doesn’t cream have fat in it? Lo and behold, when we look at the ingredients, we do in fact see a note that says the cream does add a “trivial amount of fat.”

Secondly, this product lures you into thinking it is good for you since it is made with “natural” ingredients.  Yet upon closer inspection we see all sorts of un-natural fillers, including added color!@#?*!

Thirdly, the second ingredient is corn syrup…something I would not associate with “fat free” at all!  While sugar may not add fat to the product itself, it does add calories. Furthermore, when ingested, the body will store sugar as fat if not burned in a timely manner.  Sugar is fattening!

So, beware! Sugar is added (and usually in the form of corn syrup or HFCS, because it is inexpensive) to many fat free products to add substance and/or taste. This in turn makes that product fattening!

Honestly, “fat free” really isn’t my thing.  I enjoy my fat…and I’d rather cut out other things that are unhealthy for me, like processed sugars, hydrogenated oils, etc.  If not consumed in excess, the right kind of fat is good for you and necessary for many bodily functions!  Even so, I do understand people’s desires to eat fat free products, and I do not shun you for your choice to do so.  However, there is a smart way to eat fat free.

My advice is this: read the labels, especially if it says “fat free!” And put it down if it contains sugar in any form, as this is added calories, and ultimately added fat to your body.

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