Mexican-flair Garden Wrap

Eating raw tacos in Santa Cruz, Ca.

I absolutely love Mexican food and everything about it.  To me, it’s comfort food.

Unfortunately, lately, I am overwhelmed by the cheese, and consequently end up not being so comforted by the end of the meal.  Today, in the midst of craving a burrito, but also craving some fresh veggies, I created a garden version to satisfy my mexican taste buds.  And what’s even better is that since it is mostly veggies, I ate two and didn’t feel the least bit sick about it!

avocado (a mexican dish must have!)
pico de gallo (another mexican dish must have!  Plus it adds great flavor!)
chopped romaine lettuce (for that refreshing and crunchy feel)
medium sliced portabella mushroom (for that chewy texture)
cheezed cauliflower* (to satisfy that cheese taste and add substance to the wrap)
tortilla of your choice

Assemble all ingredients on your favorite tortilla, wrap like a burrito, and enjoy!  I recommend a whole wheat flour, corn, or spelt tortilla.  Or…my favorite is the Ezekial tortilla made from sprouted grains.

*To make cheezed cauliflower you will need:
1 head of cauliflower
~ 1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1-2 Tb olive oil
~1 tsp sea salt

De-stem cauliflower and finely chop with a knife or quickly chop in a food processor into small pieces.  Transfer to a zip lock bag or resealable container.  Add remaining ingredients and shake until all pieces are evenly coated.  Add more of any of the ingredients as needed to suit your taste buds.  The more yeast, the more cheezy it will be!


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