Should You Avoid a Gluten-Free Diet?

Gluten-free crust for pumpkin pie

I was disappointed by one of the stories in the news today.  The subject: Why one should not go on a gluten free diet if there is no medical reason.  I was intrigued to know why anyone would criticize a gluten-free diet, as there is no harm in eliminating it.  It’s like eliminating  rice products, or peanut products.  

The showcased expert’s reasoning to avoid a gluten-free diet was (1) gluten products are more costly than their gluten counterparts and (2) these products will often contain added sugars.  While I do agree with these two statements, I believe the “expert” sorely misrepresented a gluten-free diet.  There are plenty of ways to enjoy this diet without consuming expensive boxes of processed foods.  Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzco is one such expert in the field, who has also done her research, and who believes in eliminating gluten or minimizing it in one’s diet.  She offers plenty of recipes full of flavor and color on her website.  You will also find plenty of recipes on this website using only whole foods as well.

So, if you are considering eliminating gluten foods from your diet, please DO be mindful of flour substitutes and avoid ones with added sugars.  Better yet, experiment with other grains like amaranth flour and buckwheat flour, and fill your plate with more vegetables!  Your body will thank you no matter who you are!

Here’s a link for one more Doctor that is pro-gluten free:


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