A Gluten-Free Experience

me atBabyCakes

While I mostly avoid sugar, I do allow it on special occasions…and a long flight to New York City paired with a windy walk across Williamsburg bridge is not an everyday occurrence for me…or the opportunity to taste the infamous Baby Cakes goodies!  If you haven’t heard of this adorable shop before, they are a vegan, mostly gluten-free and sugar-free* bakery.

Plenty of sunshine and good cheer accompanied my sister and I as we sat eating our gluten-free donuts from NYC’s Baby Cakes.  If you have been on a gluten free diet for any length of time you know what a treat and heavenly delight it is to find moist and doughy baked treats.  Today’s treats of choice: Mini Chocolate cupcake, Banana Maple Donut, and a Lemon Coconut Donut. I LOVED the donuts!

babycakesIf you can’t make it out to NY to try them yourself, check out their recipe book which gives away all their secrets!

*Baby Cakes uses agave nectar in their “sugar-free” recipes.  If you use agave nectar in your kitchen, please be sure you use a high quality product from a source you trust.  Not all agave nectars are created equal.


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