Interview with Holocaust Survivor

I recently watched an interview that Tony Robbins did with a woman who is 108 years old. While our life spans are increasing, it is still rare to meet someone who has lived that long and continues to do so. But what was more remarkable than this woman’s age, was the joy and enthusiasm for her life. Because without an enjoyable quality of life, the quantity of life loses its appeal.

The other inspiring aspect of this woman’s life was that she did not necessarily live a privileged life; she endured more hardships than most of us can imagine, having been a Holocaust survivor. And yet, she expresses happiness and love as if she had never known such torture.

Are you living a life of joy? If not, you may want to ask yourself if it’s working for you. We often focus on what is wrong in our lives, overlooking or forgetting about what is right. There could be 100 things going well, but when one “bad” thing comes along we let it consume our world. Make it a point this week to focus on what is going right in your world, and see how this changes your life.

Watch the video on now!


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