The Meat Feat

eggsinbasketFrom pink slime to arsenic, the world of meat can be a scary place.  When I became a vegetarian at 16, I did it not only because the idea of eating meat grossed me out, but I didn’t want to risk getting sick from sick animals.  Now, I just choose my meat wisely…a process that only becomes easier the more I learn about how animals are treated and what they are being fed.  It’s not pretty…the videos below tell the story better than I ever could.  I implore you to start (re)considering where you source your meat from, not only for your benefit, but for the animals as well.

Where should you source your meat from?  – farms that treat their animals humanely and don’t treat them with antibiotics, drugs, or hormones.  Think organic, grass fed, free range, kosher, small farms, and/or local farmers.

You don’t have to change your meat eating habits overnight.  Like I said before, I am still in the process of making wiser purchases.  Try one or two of these ideas for an easy way to transition.  As time passes, add in more:

  • Choose one meat that you will eat organic or not eat at all.  I started with chicken.  If it isn’t organic, I won’t knowingly touch it.
  • When preparing meat at home, buy only organic and/or grass fed meat.
  • If going to buy cheese, only purchase organic raw cheese (this is doable in New York and California, but not all states)
  • When eating out, choose fish instead of meat dishes.
  • Support restaurants that serve organic and grass fed meats!
  • Designate week days for eating organic and grass fed meats, and eat as you like on the weekends, or vice-versa.
  • Solely purchase eggs from a local farmer.

Yes, organic and grass fed meats might be more expensive.  You might find that you end up eating less meat, which isn’t such a bad thing, as our society tends to over consume it.  Or check out your local farmers/butchers for your meat needs – they might be more affordable than what you are currently paying.  Find your local farmers at   Just remember, you pay for what you get…and in the long run your body will be healthier and happier without all the added chemicals, drugs, and hormones that conventional animals are given.

For more insight into how conventional animals are raised, check out these videos:

For those whose stomachs are a little bit stronger, you might want to view these videos:


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