Tips to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

cinnamonIf you want to slim down your waist; help prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses; clear up your skin; increase your energy; and improve your mood, start minimizing the sugar in your diet.  Below are some tips and tricks in making the transition without sacrificing flavor.

  1. Use fresh fruit toppings or unsweetened applesauce for pancakes, waffles, and french toast instead of syrup or honey.
  2. Gradually decrease sugar in recipes by one-quarter to one-third the amount called for in baked items until you obtain an acceptable product. Bring out the sweetness with vanilla, lemon, or almond extract, instead!
  3. Use date paste (dates and water blended together) instead of sugar in almost any recipe!
  4. Use stevia in teas, lemonade and other beverages.
  5. Buy prepared and packaged foods that don’t have added sugar.  This includes: spaghetti sauce, beans, chicken stock, bread, salad dressing, peanut butter…
  6. Make your own spice rubs.  Just read the ingredients from your favorite mix and recreate it yourself without the sugar.  If you still want a sweet taste, add stevia instead.
  7. Make your own flavored yogurts.  Mix them with naturally sugar free jams or ones sweetened with fruit pectin, or flavor with vanilla or other extract flavors.
  8. Replace sugar with sweet spices.  Try cardamon, coriander, basil, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger for a light, sweet taste.



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