The Ever Ascending Spiral

on ny bridgeI’ve been reflecting lately on how the evolution of my business is a bit like improving one’s health.  Sometimes it feels like we are going around in circles, and not getting anywhere….but the truth is that if we are actively taking steps towards our goals (whatever they be), then the true shape of our path is the ever ascending spiral — a shape of progress.

As many of you know, the image and shape of my business has shifted many times.  Until I actually lived with and worked with my ideas in form, I had no way of knowing if they would suit me.  The same can be said for health goals.  We can push around idea after idea of what foods we should be eating, how much we need to exercise, what conversation needs to be had with another…but until we actually take action, we’ll never know which choice was the right course of action.

Every error and miscalculation I have made in my business and health journey has brought me greater clarity — clarity that would never have been possible if I was still mulling over the perfect degree, business name, boyfriend, or diet.  Maybe you still haven’t lost that weight, are not able to overcome those cravings or commit to that daily exercise routine…but know that you have made progress if when you look back you are clearer as to what doesn’t work for you and your lifestyle.  Weeding out what routines, foods, and tricks that don’t work for you is just as important as finding those that do.

Trust the process and keep taking the steps forward.  As it’s said, “the only way to get to the other side of the bridge, is one step at a time.”

Thank you to all those who have stuck with me through the changes in my business identity.  There are more to come!  If you would like help meeting your health goals, schedule a free health history to see if I can be of support.  And if you would like help with your business goals, I highly recommend Rachel at ReviveNYC.

Here’s to the next rung on the spiral!

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