Recharge Your Batteries

relaxing at the riverWould you think twice about plugging in your phone to recharge it when the batteries are low?  Probably not.  You know that if you want your phone to work, it needs to be recharged.  The same principle applies to our bodies, yet most people do not take the time to relax and recharge their own body.  We have become so accustomed to running on low batteries that we overlook the signals of fatigue, stress, and overload.  However, by doing so we run the risk of overtaxing our adrenals and making ourselves physically and/or mentally sick.

There are over 60 studies proving relaxation as a means to better health.  They have shown that relaxation can alleviate headaches, hypertension, anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, fibromyalgia, back pain, asthma, and more!

For example, several studies have shown that heart attack victims who modified their lifestyle habits to relax and enjoy life more, experienced half as many heart attacks and a 50% reduction in death rates.  Subjects learned how to take the time to slow down and relax by walking, talking, and eating slowly; by smiling and laughing with others; by taking themselves lightly and admitting their own mistakes; and by simply learning to enjoy life.

Therefore, contrary to belief, one does not have to sit and meditate for an hour or go on a long vacation to receive the beneficial results of relaxing.  Simply taking 10 minutes out of your day to unplug can go a long way.   We all know how soothing it is to watch a sunset, ocean waves rolling on the beach, a waterfall, or leaves swaying in the wind.  The point is to actually do it, especially now that longer days and warmer weather is here!

One easy way to incorporate relaxation into your day is to simply take a 10 minute stroll after dinner either with family or alone to reflect on the day, clear your head,  and/or daydream.  Or walk out your back door to just sit and breathe.

The trick is to find enjoyment, gratitude, or peace in your space.  Then make sure to schedule time everyday.  Remember, your phone is useless without you, so it is time to make yourself a priority.

How do you take time out to enjoy life?


Resources: – Perceived psychosocial benefits associated with perceived restorative potential of wilderness river-rafting trips.

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