Gluten Cravings

Gluten free pizza in North Carolina
Gluten free pizza in North Carolina

Being on a gluten free diet doesn’t usually bother me…until I smell pizza or warm fresh sourdough bread.

I am currently watching my brother eat cheese pizza and my stomach grumbles, yearning for the doughy-cheesy goodness.  The smell is intoxicating…what would it actually feel like in my mouth to eat a piece – the texture, the taste…?  How would I feel afterwards?

I know that if I had a piece I wouldn’t feel good about it afterwards.  I’d wish I hadn’t done it — not because of the calories, not because it is late at night, but because of what’s in it: HFCS, hydrogenated oils, and gluten.  I know what harmful affects these ingredients have on my body (headaches, nausea, itching, aches and pains).  I love my body.  I do not wish to harm my body.  I love myself, and do not wish to hurt myself.

eating gluten free pizzaThese are the conversations I have with myself when cravings hit.  And they help, because the deeper reasons for not eating override the reasons to eat.  I remember the long term consequences, and the short term satisfaction loses its appeal.

And then the next day, I treat myself to a gluten free version, sans the extra crap.

What helps you overcome unwanted cravings?


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