Cleanse with Greens

grassChlorophyll, a component of dark green vegetables and grasses, is a natural detoxifier.  This is because it has been found to help renew damaged tissue, build blood, counteract the effects of radiation, assist with wound healing, fend off bacteria, assist with digestive disorders, increase healthy gut bacteria, remove drug residues from the body, improve liver function and trigger enzymes that produce vitamins A, E and K — all of which are needed to feed the body and help release toxins.

Interestingly enough, the make-up of chlorophyll is almost identical to our blood; the only difference is that chlorophyll carries magnesium at its center and our blood carries iron!  What this means for you is that green foods are easily assimilated in our bodies, and can be a powerful source of life giving and cleansing properties!

Detox with Green Smoothies

Green  Smoothie Cleansing provides your body with an abundance of easily absorbable nutrition while significantly decreasing the load on your digestive system.  There are several online Green Smoothie Cleanses you can participate in:

Join Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo for a Green Cleanse at:

Tera Warner offers a FREE 3 Day Cleanse at

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