A Duck Dynasty Moment

girl eating snowconeWhile I generally recommend avoiding refined flours and sugars, I do recognize there are times when it’s not so black and white.  More importantly than not eating flour and sugar, is being mindful.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, and sometimes that may involve altering the guidelines.

The reality tv show, “Duck Dynasty,” is a great example of this. Often times, Willie, the CEO of the duck call company, struggles between balancing his role in the company and enjoying the circumstances at hand.  In one of the last episodes I watched, the air condition at the office broke, inspiring the employees (mostly family members) to create a swimming pool in the back of a truck, and even attempt to assemble duck calls out of the front seats of their air conditioned trucks.  But eventually they all gave in to snow cones and erected a “redneck” water park in a local pond for their family…except for Willie.  Willie was too stubborn trying to assert his working ideals and position of power, that he willingly suffered the heat of the office.  Eventually, his heart won over and he did join his family in some hot summer watery fun.

Sometimes we have to let go of our hard ideals just so we can see things as they really are — just so we can enjoy the gifts that life is offering in the moment.  Sometimes that means relinquishing control, bending the rules, and/or playing hookie, as in Willie’s case.  Or sometimes it simply means having a bar of your favorite chocolate while touring the factory.

This isn’t a license to do whatever you want whenever, disregarding your overall responsibilities and health. Pick and choose your treats wisely, less they become habits or an addiction – the opposite of any mindful eating practice.  You know your limits, your goals, and what it takes to get there.  Weigh the risks and the fun factor appropriately.  Only you know which course of action is best – it’s your body and your life. Live it as such.


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