Mindful Choices

red poppiesWe often hear, “Your reap what you sow.”  But do we truly understand the full implications of this Law of Life?  I’ve been reflecting on this idea this past month, asking questions such as, “Why do I STILL have headaches?  Why must I move away from the mountains and into the suburbs? Why am I not married?  Why…”  While the answers and clarity around these questions haven’t come immediately, by asking myself daily and giving myself time to reflect on them, realizations have arisen.  The loudest message of late:  Be mindful of how I spend my time and energy — because what I spend my moments doing influences the moments of my future.

So, I continue my daily meditations, I practice making conscious choices rather than letting unconscious ones dictate my day, and I give thanks again and again and again for everything and everyone I have been blessed to have in my life…and lately my world has become even brighter and bigger than before!

Life is sweet — but only if we allow it to be.  How do you use your life energy?  Do you spend your days moaning and groaning, wallowing and sighing?  Or do you choose to see the seeds of opportunity in every moment and give thanks for what is available and present?  It is a choice — every action, reaction, and interaction.  It’s just a matter of being mindful of those responses/actions, so that in the end what we have sown are seeds of wealth, health, love, and joy.  My suggestion to you for the next few weeks: bring into awareness how you spend your time and energy, and then consciously choose to respond to those moments and people with more of what you wish to have in your life.  The realm of possibilities is endless!


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