iStock_000013639196MediumI want to share this piece of writing that my sister wrote.  Yes, she is pregnant, but I feel her words relate to anyone going through any process of change — including learning to eat better and integrating self-care techniques into your life.  Change can be a growing experience that opens new doors not only to your health, but peace of mind, and spiritual connection as well.

By Rachel Maskell:

I feel myself growing.

Sometimes its awkward,
sometimes its scary, and
other times exhilarating.

This growth is changing me.

I know its for the better
but I’m not always sure
in what ways.

It’s the unknown that
tugs at my mind
wanting so desperately
to see it all before me.

When I relax,
I see the miracles
surrounding me.

This growth goes
beyond me.

These changes are
greater than me.

This cycle is
part of humanity.

My expansion is
contributing to
the evolution of

I embrace my growth

I love my growth

I honor my growth

I bless the ability
to change
and to share that
change with others.

Blessed Be.

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