Rethinking Stress

A huge part to living a sweeter life is learning how to manage your stress.  This video gives a great overview of what causes stress and useful methods to help.

According to Dr. Mike Evans, the single most effective treatment for stress is to change your thinking style.  I couldn’t agree more!  Finding the blessings during challenging times and in stressful situations have created an entirely different reaction than would normally be anticipated.  Instead of anxiety, depression, or high stress levels, I find myself in a state of gratitude, acceptance, and understanding.  I find a smile on my face and in my heart.

Our brain is a volume dial that can turn up or turn down stress.  When you learn to tune in to how you are reacting to situations, you can learn to turn the dial down and reduce the stress load on your body.

Interested in learning specific tools and techniques for changing your stress levels?  Schedule a Jump Start Session with me today!

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