A Balanced Approach

beauty wellness wisdomLast week I had the opportunity to attend Deepak Home Base‘s first “Beauty Wellness Wisdom” event.  The day included several guest speakers, meditations, mini demonstrations and other specialists in the field of living a clean and joyful life.

While there were many beautiful and useful tidbits of information given, I thought I’d share a thought Dr. Frank Lipman offered in his presentation.  As the “voice of sustainable wellness,” I believe Dr. Lipman does a great job of bringing awareness to the layering issues of health that many people face.  There isn’t always a direct and clear cut answer to a health issue.  It often takes experimentation, consistency, and time to peel back the layers to reach the root cause.

In his approach, Dr. Lipman asks himself two main questions of anyone he works with:

  1. What is lacking?   and
  2. What is harming you?

I point this out because I think too often health care providers, or ourselves, tend to only ask one or the other.  But if you are going to find the best solution for your issue(s), it’s imperative to know what you may need to add into your life as well as what to eliminate.

What is missing could be linked to your diet or lifestyle.   You may not be getting enough nutrition…but you may be simply lacking enough love, fresh air, or playtime.  These are real factors to consider that can make a huge difference in your health and happiness.  Sometimes a hug a day is all you need to keep the doctor away.   So, look at the big players in health such as diet, sleep and exercise, but also consider the not so obvious ones, because their role is just as significant in overall wellness.

Even if you are eating and doing all the right things, you may still be experiencing unwanted symptoms.  That is why it is also imperative that you look at what is currently in your life that may be reeking havoc on your system.  Environmental toxins, chemicals,  food allergies, relationships, emotional toxins, and working conditions are all likely candidates.  By eliminating or managing the culprit, you free up your body for optimal function.  It’s like removing skates from your cat (ridiculous example, I know!)…they may help you get around with greater ease, but they would hinder a cat’s ability to perform the tasks required to take care of themselves.

Whoever your health care provider and/or health coach is, please take the time to consider both sides of the coin.  Need help in determining what is lacking and harming you?  Schedule a consultation and I’ll help you determine your best course of action.

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