Alternative Sweetener Caution

sweetened coffee

It’s great to see so many stores making alternative sweeteners readily accessible!  However, just because a label says it is “monk fruit” or “stevia” or “xylitol” does not make it sugar free.  Why?  Many companies add other sweeteners and fillers to make the product more palatable, more cost effective, and/or easier to convert to sugar proportions.

Many companies selling you alternative sweeteners are mixed with sugar, which for most of us defeats the point of buying them in the first place.  For example, In the Raw® carries several products: Stevia in the Raw®, Monk Fruit in the Raw®, etc.  While this is great, they are mixed with dextrose.  Dextrose comes from corn which is biochemically the same make up as glucose.  Therefore it raises insulin and blood sugar levels.

So don’t be bamboozled — just make sure you read the labels!



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