Top 5 Ways to Accomplish Your Health Goals

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So you have a goal to lose weight, exercise more, start a daily meditation practice, go to bed early…congratulations!  You may find that to meet your goal requires a few changes in your daily habits.  Most likely,  you are going to need a plan of action.  Here are the top 5 strategies I suggest to get results!

  1. Schedule it in your calendar.  To accomplish any goal, you have to make time for it.  To insure that you do make time for your goal, it is wise to set aside a particular time each day/week to do it!  And then schedule it in your calendar so you don’t forget and you don’t plan something else in its place.  If you find you do have a scheduling conflict, don’t erase your to-do-goal, just rearrange it to a different time slot.
  2. Plan ahead.  This is especially important if on a special eating plan.  You can’t expect to come home and eat a healthy home cooked meal if you don’t have the food in the house, the time to prepare, and/or the energy!  You have to take the time ahead of time to pre-plan your meals, go grocery shopping, maybe even pre-make some dishes.  Sorry folks, there is no magic wand for this…unless you hire a personal chef.  The same goes for exercise goals.  Say your goal is to workout an hour everyday.  You know you are going on vacation for a week.  Have you packed your exercise gear? Have you even allowed time in your vacation where you can dedicate an hour to a workout?  Don’t just assume there will be a time and place to do your thing.  Do the research and plan ahead to make sure!
  3. Find a buddy to hold you accountable.  Maybe this is someone who actually participates in the same goal as you.  Or it could be someone to whom you can talk to about your goal and keep you on track verbally.  You know yourself best.  Will you actually go to that weekly yoga class if no-one is going with you?  When we know someone is watching or someone else cares, we are more likely to follow through.  Part of this is asking for support.
  4. Communicate with your family/household about your goals.  This one gets overlooked a lot.  We create beautiful, healthy goals for ourselves, and then feel sabotaged by our co-workers and those in our household.  Now, I’m not saying that everyone will be understanding and supportive in your health goals…what I am saying is that if your community understands how important it is for you to meet your goals, they most likely will be more mindful about your situation.  Maybe they’ll stop bringing cookies into the office, they’ll offer to make dinner once a week, they’ll help get you up out of bed in the morning to do your workout.  Help those around you understand why you are doing what you’re doing, and they’ll be more likely to support you.
  5. Create an environment that is conducive to your goals.  This could include cleaning out the fridge and cupboards, only buying foods that are on your eating plan, placing “junkfood” for the others out of reach, displaying fresh fruits and vegetables, buying a water bottle, making your tools (workout gear, etc.) easily accessible…get the picture?  Make it easy for yourself and you will more likely follow through!

Bonus: Clarify your goals by not just stating what you want to achieve, but how you want to feel.  The primary aim of setting goals is to feel the way you want to feel, so why not be clear from the beginning!  Check out Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Mapping to dive in to your core desire feelings.


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