Trouble Finding Gratitude?

NY snow

The truth is, is that I was under the weather emotionally and physically quite frequently this past month.  I had traveled across the country from sunny California to freezing and storming New York during one of the worst winters they have had in a long time.  And…I let it get to me.  I found myself complaining about the weather and my sleeping situation way too often. In other words, my gratitude was slim, and my health and peace of mind – rightly – took a toll.  And unfortunately for me, I was also not adhering to my sugar and flour free lifestyle, nor was I exercising as frequently and intensely as I usually do, nor getting my optimal sleep…total recipe for disaster! Oh, I knew better…but sometimes self-sabotage just happens.  The trick is to use it as a learning and growing experience rather than beating yourself up over it.

The reminder was this: Yes, gratitude for one’s life is the fastest way to make life sweeter and cultivate greater health.  However, being thankful is not always at the forefront of one’s thoughts or experience, and this is when one’s diet (secondary food) and primary food (sleep, exercise, career, relationships, etc.) carry greater weight.

If you think what I’m selling you is a sugar free lifestyle, think again. Eliminating sugar is just one way to manifest natural joy in your life (read about it here).  Helping others to cultivate innate peace and joy in their hearts is my ultimate goal.

When you are having a hard time finding gratitude in your life, I suggest focusing on one or all of the following:

  1. Eliminate or drastically reduce the sugar and/or flour in your diet (in other words, clean up your diet.)
  2. Move your body on a regular basis.  Get your heart pumping and stretch those muscles!
  3. Do what you love.  This can relate to your career, finding a hobby, or just taking time daily to do something that makes you smile or melts your heart.

And if none of this works, find a good friend or health coach to give you a good kick in the butt (shout out to Gabriel Hoffman — he tells it like it is!).

And to my New York family – know that I love you. You were my saving grace of this stormy New York visit!  Get a taste of the love here.



4 thoughts on “Trouble Finding Gratitude?

  1. I loved your latest newsletter! The content was so down to earth, as I’m sure we can all relate to such moments. Your writing was exceptional as well. Thank you for sharing such great insights.


    1. Thank you! I had sooo many ideas and info to share this month, but decided to keep it close to home/ close to the heart. And ideally that’s what I want – relatable content. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; it means a lot.


  2. Even here in Sunny California I have had trouble with emotions this winter. Your article was very good and it made me realize that lifestyle issues are apart of my problems also. Need to make some changes and you have inspired me!


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