Top Sweetener to Avoid

Champagne Sunrise

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is generally 55 percent fructose. It is an industrial food byproduct extracted by a chemical process. Nothing natural about this stuff no matter how innocent and convincing those commercials are.

Your body does not process HFCS the same as other sugars or other
 fructose sources (like juice and agave nectar). There is no chemical
 bond between the fructose and glucose units in HFCS, so no digestion 
is needed. This (dangerously) allows the sugar to be more rapidly
 absorbed into the bloodstream. HFCS has also been shown to contain contaminants like mercury that go unregulated by the FDA. And did you know that the link between fructose and uric acid is so strong that you can actually use your uric acid levels as a marker for fructose toxicity?

SweetShine says, if there is only one sugar you are going to avoid, make it HFCS. It’s not worth the risk, the calories, or the taste. Buy sweets with REAL sugar instead…yes, even the white refined sugar. You can pretty much be assured that if HFCS is in the ingredient list, the food is of poor quality – highly refined, empty calories, artificial ingredients, and who knows what else! Invest in cleaner foods and you will be investing in your health.

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