Guilt Free Whip Cream

fruit + whip cream

I haven’t gotten my hands on one of those whip cream makers yet (you can make your own whip cream out of coconut milk!), but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy some whip cream every once in awhile- hand whipped and home sweetened.

  • 1/2 pint organic whipping cream (I am a stickler on this organic dairy thing!)
    5-10 drops liquid stevia extract (may favorite: Stevita)
    1 tsp vanilla extract

Get out the electric hand beaters. Whip all ingredients together until whip cream consistency.  Be careful not to whip too long or you’ll start making butter!

4 thoughts on “Guilt Free Whip Cream

  1. I just made this and loved it! Instead of Stevia I used a few drops of Orange essential oil. Delicious!!! Thanks for all of these recipes! It makes being sugar free a lot easier ❤


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