Vibrations of Love


One of the reasons I became a nutrition and wellness educator was because I knew from my own experience and from watching others get better, how powerful eating right, eliminating toxins, and treating oneself with love can be. In fact, Revive Primary Care highlights the top four underlying causes of any disease or illness, as voted popular by many health care practitioners: stress, immunity, diet, and toxins. In my experience personally and as a health coach, I tend to agree.

These four reasons are why I swear by my (mostly) daily meditation practice, and exercise regularly.

This is also why I’m a big proponent of non-toxic products that I use on my skin and around my house. Your skin is one of the largest organs in your body and it readily absorbs anything you put on it. Think about what you slather on and breathe in on a daily basis!

And this is why I play in the dirt and love on cats and dogs with reckless abandon, and why I avoid anti-bacterial soap.

And of course, being known as a sugar sleuth, this is why I enjoy reducing the sugar and refined flours in my diet and teaching others simple ways to do the same.

But there’s also one other very important piece that I strongly believe can help or hinder your wellness journey: the ability to love yourself from the inside out.

We are vibrational beings; everything in life resonates at a particular frequency (this is hard science people!), and that includes the cells of your body. Our thoughts and emotions can and do influence the frequency at which our cells vibrate. And believe me, when you believe you aren’t good enough, when you believe your too this or too that, said enough times to yourself, your body believes it. And instead of filling and surrounding your cells with healthy and healing energy of love, you have chosen to feed them with lower vibrational thoughts that can result in sickness, especially when combined with subpar factors of diet, immunity, stress, and toxins.

I want to emphasize here that it is important not to beat yourself up over what you are or are not doing for yourself. You are where you are, and I’m pretty certain that there is beauty in that place of being! This is part of self-love too.

So love yourself. Instead of bad mouthing what you don’t like about yourself, tell yourself that condition is improving every day. Appreciate and focus on what you DO like about yourself; what we give our attention to grows. And graciously receive compliments from others, and generously give them out to both yourself and others.

This self-love practice is more than affirmations (although that can help); it’s about reaching down into the core of yourself and cleaning up your belief systems — the foundation of who you are.

Love yourself healthy and well. This is my wish for you.

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