#because futbol


You may not know it about me, but I love soccer. Growing up I was always one of those wannabee soccer players – but my lack of confidence, shyness, and subpar running skills deterred me from ever actually joining a team.  Post college years I finally made it into a “team” — my friends and I would get together weekly – and I have to admit I was a force to reckon with on the field…but so was my sister, so maybe the ruthlessness is in our genes.

These days I am happy just being a spectator.  And this year being the World Cup has me giddy all over the place…and pensive.

If I was still a school teacher, I would have a dozen or more lessons to share based just off of the World Cup games. There’s something so inspiring and grand about it all.

  • the resilience, stamina, and power of the human body
  • the power of patience, especially in such an emotional venue. It’s easy to lose one’s temper, but rarely gets you ahead — mostly just gets you kicked out of the game.
  • the beauty of compassion and respect between players of different teams. Who says there can’t be harmony between opposing forces?
  • the strength in working together and being aware of others
  • not letting heartbreak break you
  • don’t underestimate your value. Each individual is important to the whole.
  • sometimes shit happens.
  • the influence of mind over matter.  Accomplishing tasks, achieving goals is more than talent and physical prowess.

But my favorite one is that anything is possible — even the seemingly impossible.  So many unexpected outcomes in this year’s games! For some, this message is crucial to hear, because they are living their lives in a defeatist mode — believing their sickness is inevitable, that their aches and pains are incurable, that they aren’t worthy of love, that their dreams are unattainable.  Says who?!!? 

My advice: don’t let the opinions and unique experiences of others determine your possibilities.  Given the chance, your dreams, hopes, wishes, desires can become a reality.  If you don’t believe me, just start following the World Cup…or send me a message, and I’ll set you straight.




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