Eating Out Sugar-Free


dining out

I won’t lie, remaining sugar free and dining our is where things can get tricky. You can’t read labels in a restaurant, and it can get tedious asking the waiter about all the possible hidden sugars in the dishes.  But don’t let this keep you from enjoying an occasional meal out!

If you do decide to traverse the restaurants, here are a few tips:

Research restaurants.

  • Whether dining in your home town or taking a trip elsewhere, the best way to set yourself up for success when eating out is to do the research ahead of time.
  • Many restaurants have their menu online now.  Peruse the menu for possible options. Then call the restaurant and ask if those dishes have any added sugar in them.  If they do, see if it’s possible to have them made without or which dishes would be safe for you to eat.
  • And if going out of town, Google it! Find the friendliest sugar-free restaurants in the area ahead of time so that you are prepared for social outings and surprise hunger attacks.

Choose your dishes wisely

  •  The biggest things to watch for when dining out are salad dressings (ask for vinegar and olive oil instead) and sauces. Don’t be shy to ask what ingredients are in the sauces. And definitely avoid anything with the word “glaze” in it.
  • If ordering breakfast, while fruit, granola, and yogurt may seem like a safe bet, make sure the yogurt is plain (vanilla flavor adds sugar), and ask if the fruit is tossed with sugar.  And I guarantee the granola has sugar in it.
  • Avoid fast food chain restaurants that hide sugar in everything from their meat to their breads. It’s what keeps you coming back for more.
  • Be aware of soups like butternut squash, which usually have added sugars in them. Again, be sure to ask!
  • Ask yourself if it will really serve you to look at the dessert menu.  It may prove to be temptation you can’t resist.
 Order a fruit bowl instead.
  • And last, but not least learn to carry around your favorite sweetener.  This way you can enjoy a little sweetness in your coffee or other dishes while eating out.

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