Date-Pecan Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

cin rolls

Well, I didn’t get very creative with naming these guys, as the name says it all, but OMG…these are delicious! Tried ’em on a handful of people, and hands down they really are tasty.

What you need:

1 cup pitted dates
1 cup (raw) pecans
your favorite dark chocolate bar or sauce, or make a sugar free chocolate sauce
tb or so of cinnamon

If you are using a chocolate bar, set up a double boiler system (using a pot and oven proof bowl) to melt the chocolate. (I used raw cacao paste and sweetened it with stevia and xylitol.)

Using a food processor (easiest) or blender, combine dates and pecans and chop until a fine texture is reached or until it will form a ball that you can roll out like dough.

Sprinkle cinnamon on some wax or parchment paper. Place date-pecan mixture on cinnamon powder and roll out until you have a thin square-ish shape. Really, a rectangular works too. It just depends on how fat you want your roll to be.

Then spread a thin layer of chocolate sauce on top.

choc cin roll

Roll up like a cinnamon roll using the help of the wax paper to keep the shape. Cut and eat immediately…OR…if you have patience, stick in the fridge to harden. This will make slicing it easier and will look prettier.

As always, enjoy!



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