A Story of Thieves


There is a historical tale that takes place in 15th century France of a crafty band of thieves. They slipped through the streets and the docks of trading ships not only amassing their fortune, but skillfully avoiding the plague. They weren’t your common everyday robbers- many believed they might have been spice merchants because of their ability to stay alive and well. You see, before robbing their victims, they would rub themselves with cloves, rosemary, cinnamon and other aromatics – successfully avoiding the deadly plague.

This tale inspired the creation of Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend…along with plenty of research. Some such studies conducted at Weber State University showed a 99.96 percent reduction in the number of airborne virus and bacteria. There are hundreds of scientific reports confirming the antimicrobial action of essential oils, not only in the Thieves blend, but in many other oils of spices and herbs. The ones found to possess the strongest antimicrobial properties? — Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Cinnamon, Sage, and Clove.

You don’t have to be a thief or a spice merchant to benefit from this essential oil — duh! The Thieves blend is a powerhouse for your body’s defense system – it kills bacteria, freshens breath, controls the spread of germs…to help you avoid getting sick.

I use this stuff all the time! At the slightest hint of a sore throat or when I am feeling extremely exhausted/weak, I take a drop of my Thieves and *poof* symptoms dissipate! I love this stuff. Plus it smells good, tastes good, and just plain makes me feel good.

And not only is there the essential oil blend, but you can get a mouthwash and toothpaste made from thieves! I’ve been using both – because they don’t have added sugars, no carageenen, no sodium laurel sulfate…just good clean cleaning power!

thieves products

Can you tell that I love the Thieves blend?

Here’s a few ways to use the oil:

    • Purchase the toothpaste and/or mouthwash – daily protection!
      As quoted from Young Living Essential Oils:
      “Kill Germs that Cause Bad Breath and Gum Disease. (Toothpaste) delivers Thieves oil directly to the gumline. According to periodontist Robert Hoskyns, DMD, ‘certain essential oils kill the bacteria around the gumline which cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. The essential oils’ primary benefit to patients is the acceleration of gum healing and shrinkage due to their antibacterial action.'”
    • In the morning or at bedtime, apply 1-2 drops of Thieves to the soles of your feet and rub in to keep your inner defense system in peak condition. Then, cup hands around your nose and inhale deeply for 2-3 minutes.
    • Drop 1-2 drops in your water, directly in your mouth, or on the edge of your fist and lick off.
      ¡ojo! Keep in mind this oils is spicy/hot – so taken undiluted could be too much for some!
    • To eliminate deadly airborne bacteria, diffuse in 15-minute increments into the air of your home.
  • Drop in a teaspoon of honey can be very soothing for a scratchy throat. Gargling one drop in an ounce of water can help eliminate germs that cause throat infections.

Would you like a bottle of Thieves in your home?

I would be honored to be your distributor of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Purchase retail or set up your own wholesale account here: https://www.youngliving.com/signup/?site=US&sponsorid=500605&enrollerid=500605

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