Flour Alternatives

It isn’t just sugar that is elevating blood sugar levels and spiking insulin.  Refined flours and wheat have a similar affect.  And since wheat is also showing up to cause many health issues in people, I usually recommend eliminating this one too – even whole wheat (for more on this read Dr. Davis’ book Wheat Belly).

Whole grains can be a part of a wholesome diet.  If you use bread as a filler in your meals, try cooking up some grains instead. Look for ones that have been minimally processed.  Good choices: brown rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth, teff, buckwheat (these are all wheat-free).

If you use bread and tortillas as a carrier, experiment with:

  • collard greens and cabbage leaves as substitutes for wraps and tacos, since the leaves are big and hardy.
  • Seaweed Nori sheets are also a good alternative.
  • Instead of turkey sandwiches, make turkey rollups where you use the turkey as the bread/carrier.
  • And if you live somewhere where you have access to health food stores, there are now all sorts of alternative wraps avaialbe- from coconuts to almonds.
  • Look for rice tortillas (great for quesadillas!) in the refrigerated section.

Instead of pasta noodles made from flour, use spaghetti squash, thinly sliced zucchini noodles, or seaweed noodles.

Pick at least one item or dish this week that you will upgrade.  Think of this as a fun project. Play around with it!

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