Renewal Playlist

lgrenewal playlist

Spring time is upon us, and with this season comes new life and a washing away of what is no longer needed.  There is a reason for the old adage- spring cleaning;  clearing out and letting go is a necessary step in order for there to be space for fresh growth and newness.

Personally, during this time, I often think about in what ways I may need to renew the relationship with myself. Do I like who I am? Am I honoring my needs on the physical and emotional planes? What requires shifting in my life, in my way of thinking and being, so that I can experience greater peace of mind and expansion into the world around me?

I invite you to listen to my Renewal playlist and take time to consider these questions yourself.  Or consider what it is you want to or need to let go of in your world right now, so that you can allow new life to spring forth.  What in your life is looking to spring forth, and how can you best support that?

So…find a comfortable place to curl up with pen and paper, or clear a space and move your body to the rhythm of the music, listening with your heart, with your bones, and letting them guide you to that place of knowing.


A few phrases from the playlist to begin the inspiration:

Tomorrow’s a new day for everyone.
A brand new moon, a brand new sun.
Breathe in the air. Cherish this moment. Cherish this breath.
Which way is the wind blowing? And what does your heart say?

Eastern sun;
Melt the cold from my bones.
Curtain rise;
Take the darkness from my eyes.
Breathing in;
Pulling life into my lungs
As a child, I am born again

There’s a she wolf in the closet.
Let her out so it can breathe.

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