Brook dancing in her green apronI — Brook Nicole HHC, LMT, RFN — am a certified holistic health coach, trained in mind body medicine, and recognized as a drugless practitioner.  More than this, I believe in greater living through conscious eating, daily mindfulness, and self-love as a means to living life radiantly.  A true believer that “life is sweet, no sugar required,” I originally started SweetShine as a way of educating others on how to reduce the stress, sugar and flour in their diet so that they may know greater joy. Through the years it became clear that living a life of quality and grace also meant living in harmony with the rhythms within and around me, and finding outlets for my creative expression on a regular basis.  I love sharing my own lessons and experiences in health and happiness…because I haven’t always known a vibrant quality of life.

The crux of my health issues showed up in my late 20’s.  I could barely walk down the street — extremely fatigued for no apparent reason. Fully blown body rashes that lasted for weeks, while they had been a thing of the past, returned. I had my first migraine, and then another, and then a series of routine headaches that each lasted for days. And that was just a few of the symptoms showing up in my life.  Thankfully, having worked in the health field for over half my life, I had a wide range of awareness and access to Alternative Practitioners and out of the box healing modalities to help get my health and sanity back on track.  I am forever thankful to each and everyone of them!

And, YES! diet was a huge factor in bringing life back into my body. I thought I did eat a “healthy” diet. But when I look back at food journals and photos, I realize that even though I didn’t snack on candy bars or soda, and I already ate mostly local and organic, my diet was heavily laden with flours and sugars.

But I don’t want anyone to believe that diet is the end-all, be-all to curing what ails you.  It’s a piece — sometimes a big piece, sometimes the magic piece that brings everything together in perfect harmony.  But it’s just a piece.  What I have learned through the years is this: when you eat better, when you love and enjoy the food you eat, when you eat as many whole foods as close to the earth as possible- you feel the difference — the inner radiance of joy and real energy. When you take time to appreciate yourself, respect your needs and your boundaries, and speak words of love to yourself, you truly start living and your heart swells with thanksgiving. When you take time to slow down, respect the natural rhythms of the earth and your body, when you start to listen to your body – you breathe easier, your confidence grows, you stop worrying so much, and you realize you had the answers all along.


I currently share my services with Wellness Within – a nonprofit organization for cancer patients, survivors, and their families – and with private clients.


Certified in Raw Food Nutrition from Living Light Institute; AA in Nutrition; raw food preparation classes with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzco, Certified Holistic Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition. B.A. in Linguistics at UCSC; Levels 1-4 of Touch for Health with Dr. John L. Martin, DC; LMT certification from Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage in Austin, Tx; MFR with John F. Barnes;  training in mind-body medicine from CMBM