A Story of Thieves

There is a historical tale that takes place in 15th century France of a crafty band of thieves. They slipped through the streets and the docks of trading ships not only amassing their fortune, but skillfully avoiding the plague. They weren’t your common everyday robbers- many believed they might have been spice merchants because of … More A Story of Thieves

Chocolate Love

Ready for a moist, lip smacking chocolate cake…that is made without flour and no sugar, AND has a vegan option! Sweetened with dates and made with almond flour – I haven’t met anyone who even questioned this baby. Just “mmmmmm“, “yummm“, and “can I please have the recipe!?” FYI- you won’t find this recipe on … More Chocolate Love

Cranberry-Date Sauce

No need to use sugar in your cranberry sauce this year! Dates are a wholesome and delicious replacement. Ingredients 5 -10 pitted dates** 1.5 cups orange juice 8 oz cranberries It’s best to let dates soak in the orange juice for at least 30 minutes to soften them. Blend dates and juice together. Put all … More Cranberry-Date Sauce

Unedited Dance Moment

Moving with the rhythms… Life is a lot like dancing. It operates in rhythmic cycles (the phases of the moon, seasons, pregnancy). For a life of grace and joy, it works best to relax into the rhythms and just let go. Struggling or pushing through just makes things unnecessarily difficult. My hopes in sharing this … More Unedited Dance Moment