What is Your Sugar Free Personality?

You don’t have to eliminate sugar completely to experience increased health benefits. Refer to the “Sugar-Free Personalities” section, below, for a list of several sugar-free options you ultimately may want to incorporate into your lifestyle.  Or feel free to create your own guidelines!  Choose to have fun with this and share the excitement with others! … More What is Your Sugar Free Personality?

Let Us Shine

The concept is this: having such a strong sense of worth and love for yourself that the outer circumstances and details of your life and relationships don’t define your sense of self. So, while complete adoration and love of another feels great and does have the power to lift us up and increase our sense … More Let Us Shine

Watermelon Cooler

I’m always thinking about new ways to add in extra vegetables into my diet…in exciting ways.  And since it’s summer, why not mix them with the sweet taste and cooling affects of watermelon! Cucumbers are also very hydrating and cooling to the body. And fennel contains numerous phytonutrients that promote immunity and anti-aging. So, drink … More Watermelon Cooler

Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce

Sweetened with dates, spiced with chipotle pepper, this 7-ingredient sauce will surprise and delight! You won’t find this recipe on the SweetShine blog…but you can find it, and other date sweetened recipes in my ebook: No Sugar Required! Or subscribe to the SweetShine newsletter to get recipes like this in your inbox!

A Story of Thieves

There is a historical tale that takes place in 15th century France of a crafty band of thieves. They slipped through the streets and the docks of trading ships not only amassing their fortune, but skillfully avoiding the plague. They weren’t your common everyday robbers- many believed they might have been spice merchants because of … More A Story of Thieves

Chocolate Love

Ready for a moist, lip smacking chocolate cake…that is made without flour and no sugar, AND has a vegan option! Sweetened with dates and made with almond flour – I haven’t met anyone who even questioned this baby. Just “mmmmmm“, “yummm“, and “can I please have the recipe!?” FYI- you won’t find this recipe on … More Chocolate Love