Renewal Playlist

Spring time is upon us, and with this season comes new life and a washing away of what is no longer needed.  There is a reason for the old adage- spring cleaning;  clearing out and letting go is a necessary step in order for there to be space for fresh growth and newness. Personally, during … More Renewal Playlist

Celebrating Now

February. It’s one of my most favorite times of the year; wild violets are in bloom…and it’s my birthday month….which means, for me, it’s my new year, my time of setting intentions and forging new beginnings. Come to find out, February has signified a time of new beginnings and letting go for many for a … More Celebrating Now

Love Your Food

There’s more to nutrition than just the food you eat. Let us consider two parts: part 1 is the food itself, and part 2 is our emotional and mindful state when eating. It’s this second part that many people overlook when considering nutritional intake, digestion, and general state of health. Consider these questions: Are you … More Love Your Food

Let Us Shine

The concept is this: having such a strong sense of worth and love for yourself that the outer circumstances and details of your life and relationships don’t define your sense of self. So, while complete adoration and love of another feels great and does have the power to lift us up and increase our sense … More Let Us Shine

Your Authentic Heart

“What looks like heart often isn’t the real McCoy.  And what the real heart tells us often isn’t what the head wants to hear.  The head is motivated by quick results, so it gets discouraged if the heart’s rewards are slow to show up.” -The HeartMath Solution

Rethinking Stress

A huge part to living a sweeter life is learning how to manage your stress.  This video gives a great overview of what causes stress and useful methods to help. According to Dr. Mike Evans, the single most effective treatment for stress is to change your thinking style.  I couldn’t agree more!  Finding the blessings during … More Rethinking Stress