Why Ditch Sugar

Last week on Samantha Ushedo’s Facebook page was all about letting go of Self UNLOVE to make way for beautiful and nourishing practices in your life. For 7 days, she  challenged herself (and you!) to find small ways to incorporate self LOVE practices into your daily life. I was honored to be a part of … More Why Ditch Sugar

A Balanced Approach

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Deepak Home Base‘s first “Beauty Wellness Wisdom” event.  The day included several guest speakers, meditations, mini demonstrations and other specialists in the field of living a clean and joyful life. While there were many beautiful and useful tidbits of information given, I thought I’d share a thought … More A Balanced Approach

Your Authentic Heart

“What looks like heart often isn’t the real McCoy.  And what the real heart tells us often isn’t what the head wants to hear.  The head is motivated by quick results, so it gets discouraged if the heart’s rewards are slow to show up.” -The HeartMath Solution

Rethinking Stress

A huge part to living a sweeter life is learning how to manage your stress.  This video gives a great overview of what causes stress and useful methods to help. According to Dr. Mike Evans, the single most effective treatment for stress is to change your thinking style.  I couldn’t agree more!  Finding the blessings during … More Rethinking Stress


I want to share this piece of writing that my sister wrote.  Yes, she is pregnant, but I feel her words relate to anyone going through any process of change — including learning to eat better and integrating self-care techniques into your life.  Change can be a growing experience that opens new doors not only … More Growing