Flour-free Flour Bread

Sometimes I just crave the chewy soft texture of a good slice of bread. Gluten-free varieties are usually dry and hard or filled with added sugars, and I don’t feel much better about purchasing gluten varieties due to my own health issues. So this month I’ve been experimenting with making nut and seed based breads, … More Flour-free Flour Bread

Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

Turmeric root, cinnamon, chia and flax seeds, and dark leafy greens are rich in anti-inflammatory properties.  Coconut water is nature’s sport drink, containing significant amounts of potassium, mangesium, and other vitamins and minerals.  And dark leafy greens like kale are a superfood of cleansing and healing properties. 

Sugar-free Margarita

For those hot days when you want something fun to drink, but don’t want all the sugar and other crap that comes in Margarita mixes.  Seriously, have you read the label of margarita mixes lately? High fructose corn syrup, yellow 1, blue 5, polysorbate 60,….and even in ones advertised as made with agave nectar. The … More Sugar-free Margarita

Raspberry Smoothie

I love the combination of raspberries and yogurt – plain yogurt gives it a zippy tart taste (SweetShine recommended) or if you must have your sweetner, add lightly sweetened vanilla yogurt for a smoother taste. Serves 1-2 2 cups frozen raspberries 1 cup plain yogurt (I like the Greek yogurt) 1 tb chia seeds 1 … More Raspberry Smoothie