Wolf Moon Bread

  This bread is full of symbolism for me. I named it Wolf Moon Bread in honor of the deep of winter when food used to be scarce and the connection with community was key to enduring the winter.  For those who, follow the monthly moon cycles, may know that the January moon was named … More Wolf Moon Bread

Cauliflower Rice

Warm weather and summer time is a great time to lighten the load.  Consider reducing your grains, sugar, and heavy meats.  It works for me, and just might for you too! My favorite replacement for rice (and recipes like pizza crust and popcorn substitute) is cauliflower.  Use for stir-fry, in burritos, and a base for … More Cauliflower Rice

Flour-free Flour Bread

Sometimes I just crave the chewy soft texture of a good slice of bread. Gluten-free varieties are usually dry and hard or filled with added sugars, and I don’t feel much better about purchasing gluten varieties due to my own health issues. So this month I’ve been experimenting with making nut and seed based breads, … More Flour-free Flour Bread