Southern Sweet Tea

Hot summers in the south mean lazy days of sipping lemonade and ice tea on the porch.  And usually, both are laden with sugar.  After my last trip to the south, my boyfriend got bit by the sweet tea bug.  Thus, upon our return home, he created his own sweet tea, using stevia. Stevia is … More Southern Sweet Tea

Apple-tini Mocktail

Ingredients: apple cider made with 100% apples and sparkling water…or sparkling apple cider fresh ginger thinly sliced or homemade ginger syrup cinnamon stick Procedure: Combine apple cider and ginger and shake, stir, muddle…whatever!  The point is to release the ginger flavor.  If you want to avoid the dealing with the ginger pieces, strain mixture into … More Apple-tini Mocktail

Skinny Colada

This is exactly what I made the other day. Totally satisfied my craving! Yields 4 servings (serving size: 6 ounces) * 2 cups pineapple chunks, frozen * 2 cups coconut water Puree pineapple and coconut water in a blender until smooth. Optional: Serve in glass rimmed with shredded coconut.

Citrus Inspiration

I love this picture!!  It’s one of my tias who lives in Puerto Rico.  As we were driving around we spotted a tree full of ripe oranges, and spontaneously stopped and picked a bunch!  Unfortunately, they weren’t that good.  But this picture is so much fun!  Inspires me and makes me smile. Sharing one of … More Citrus Inspiration

Hemp-Banana Milk

Looking for an alternative to milk?  Ran out of milk?  Don’t like milk?  …but still  want to enjoy a delicious bowl of granola or make a creamy smoothie?  While there are many ways to make alternative milks, this one has become my favorite of late, and goes great over my homemade granola! 1 frozen banana … More Hemp-Banana Milk