Bee Smart

Bee smart in which honey you choose to consume…and how much! Whether or not honey is in your list of approved sweeteners, I always recommend to make sure your honey is local and unrefined. This will help insure the honey you consume is full of beneficial properties- just as nature intended. Just because honey is … More Bee Smart

Sugar Alternatives

Not all sweeteners are created equal. Below is a list of sweeteners to use in place of white refined sugar (and turbinado sugar). Keep in mind some are better than others.   Natural, unrefined/raw sweeteners (USE SPARINGLY. These still spike blood sugar.) dates & date paste maple syrup raw honey molasses rapadura   Healthy Sugar … More Sugar Alternatives

Nut-Seed Muesli

I often get asked what I eat for breakfast…if I don’t eat gluten or sugar or dairy, then what does one eat?!?  I like easy breakfasts, as I don’t enjoy cooking in the morning- not even oatmeal. So smoothies and granola-esque dishes are my go-to’s. Since I don’t eat boxed cereals anymore, and I don’t … More Nut-Seed Muesli

What is Your Sugar Free Personality?

You don’t have to eliminate sugar completely to experience increased health benefits. Refer to the “Sugar-Free Personalities” section, below, for a list of several sugar-free options you ultimately may want to incorporate into your lifestyle.  Or feel free to create your own guidelines!  Choose to have fun with this and share the excitement with others! … More What is Your Sugar Free Personality?

Unedited Dance Moment

Moving with the rhythms… Life is a lot like dancing. It operates in rhythmic cycles (the phases of the moon, seasons, pregnancy). For a life of grace and joy, it works best to relax into the rhythms and just let go. Struggling or pushing through just makes things unnecessarily difficult. My hopes in sharing this … More Unedited Dance Moment

Yacon Syrup

Yacon syrup and powder comes from the yacon root. It is low-glycemic (GI of 0), raw, low-calorie, and maintains all of its nutrients.  It comes in both powder form or liquid form.  I prefer the liquid, as it has a sweeter taste to it and is more versatile.  Although I find the powder version perfect … More Yacon Syrup