Cauliflower Rice

Warm weather and summer time is a great time to lighten the load.  Consider reducing your grains, sugar, and heavy meats.  It works for me, and just might for you too! My favorite replacement for rice (and recipes like pizza crust and popcorn substitute) is cauliflower.  Use for stir-fry, in burritos, and a base for … More Cauliflower Rice

#because futbol

You may not know it about me, but I love soccer. Growing up I was always one of those wannabee soccer players – but my lack of confidence, shyness, and subpar running skills deterred me from ever actually joining a team.  Post college years I finally made it into a “team” — my friends and … More #because futbol

Yerba Mate Frappe

To give your morning or workout an energy boost and buzz, try making a Yerba Mate smoothie!  This is also a great alternative to those super duper sweet frappes served in coffee shops, and way easy to make.  Plus, Yerba Mate has less caffeine than coffee, and may even help with balancing insulin levels.  And … More Yerba Mate Frappe

Why Ditch Sugar

Last week on Samantha Ushedo’s Facebook page was all about letting go of Self UNLOVE to make way for beautiful and nourishing practices in your life. For 7 days, she  challenged herself (and you!) to find small ways to incorporate self LOVE practices into your daily life. I was honored to be a part of … More Why Ditch Sugar

Flour-free Flour Bread

Sometimes I just crave the chewy soft texture of a good slice of bread. Gluten-free varieties are usually dry and hard or filled with added sugars, and I don’t feel much better about purchasing gluten varieties due to my own health issues. So this month I’ve been experimenting with making nut and seed based breads, … More Flour-free Flour Bread

Raspberry Smoothie

I love the combination of raspberries and yogurt – plain yogurt gives it a zippy tart taste (SweetShine recommended) or if you must have your sweetner, add lightly sweetened vanilla yogurt for a smoother taste. Serves 1-2 2 cups frozen raspberries 1 cup plain yogurt (I like the Greek yogurt) 1 tb chia seeds 1 … More Raspberry Smoothie

Food Focus: Sprouts

In the spring season, seeds flaunt their vitality and energy by sprouting. Sprouts of all varieties contain the building blocks of life in the form of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and simple sugars. In their early growth state, sprouts are very easy to digest, allowing our bodies to access many wonderful nutrients. Recent research by … More Food Focus: Sprouts