Dietary Resources

carrots w red bambooGluten-free Resources
Gluten-free Search Engine.
Gluten-free Menu Swap.

Gluten-free Treats

Gluten-free croissants from Proceli!


Sugar Free Resources

Sugar Substitutes is an impartial, non-profit organization all about stevia!
Luo Han Guo – sweetener made from monk fruit

Sugar-free Diet and Lifestyle, particularly for those with Candida

Body Ecology Diet:

Sugar-free Products

Zevia.  Soda made with stevia extracts and erythritol.  While I still have reservations about drinking sodas, even in this form, I would recommend switching to Zevia over sodas made with artificial sweetners and refined sugar.

Here is a fun taste test video of different Zevia flavors:


Sustainable Meat

Find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.

Why Eat Organic, Grass Fed, Free Range, Kosher & From Small Farms and/or Local Farmers?

For more insight into how conventional animals are raised, check out these videos:

For those whose stomachs are a little bit stronger, you might want to view these videos:


Raw/Living Food Resources

Learn How to Prepare Raw/Living Foods

Dr. Ritamarie, Austin, TX.  Dr. Ritamarie hosts raw food potlucks at her home, teaches fun and easy raw food classes, and more!

The Living Light Institute, Fort Bragg, CA. Eat at their cafe and enjoy raw meals and treats.  Take their classes to learn about raw food nutrition and how to prepare raw meals.

Raw/Living Food Magazines or

Check out other inspiring and healthy sites on my Pinterest!


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