photo By Cynthia WalkerThe Sugar-Free Guide


Cancer Survivor, Patient, or Family Member?


“Brook provides a wonderful service and she approaches her work with caring and compassion that goes beyond what is required of her. I feel comfortable confiding in her as she tends to view each challenge with the positivity and enthusiasm I sometimes lack. I genuinely look forward to working with her each meeting! “-MW

“Thanks, Brook, for your time and high energy! I enjoyed our talk and appreciate the opportunity this has given me to more deeply mine the thoughts and practices that have kept me at my current health, weight and fitness plateau.” -Deb

“Brook was great to help me think through easy ways that I can include more greens and improve my diet. I work 60 hours a week and to think about eating right can often be overwhelming. Brook thinks out of the box and fits solutions to my needs. Thank you!” -RM

“Thank you so much for taking the time to go over my health history. I felt really comfortable talking with you and your questions helped put into focus the good (and the bad) of my eating habits.” -Jaymie

“You were great and I LOVED the time spent with me in the initial appointment. You listened well and I felt very supported by you when we spoke. You are enthusiastic and positive and I can already tell you are a great counselor!!” -Aliza


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