Email Coaching

Email coaching is a relaxed, flexible, and comfortable way of getting your questions answered and getting the support you need when you need it.

This program includes:

  • Handouts, recipes, and resources galore (all chosen for your needs and interests).
  • A personalized accountability plan so that you make consistent progress.
  • Access to me by email. Responses are guaranteed within 24 hours (maximum). You can email me as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. Some weeks you may find you need support daily, while other weeks you may just need to check in once or twice.
  • Optional: Initial conversation over the phone and monthly phone calls (30-45 min).

Your emails direct the coaching, so our work together is specifically tailored to what you need to accomplish. That said, you might be interested in covering topics like:

  • Learning simple steps to eat better so that you have more energy to enjoy your day.
  • Learning how to prepare flour-free and sugar-free dishes.
  • Incorporating and discovering tips on how to increase energy, reduce pain, lose weight, and feel better overall.
  • Setting effective, inspiring goals that you’re excited to work on.
  • Discovering healthy living techniques that are practical for your unique lifestyle.
  • Creating a more wholesome lifestyle.

brook's deskThis is a dynamic program, largely dependent on your communication.  During our email exchanges, I’ll respond to your comments and questions with recommendations, questions, and resources to inspire you to move forward. We’ll create goals for you to work toward and develop a plan to keep you accountable.

Ready to begin upgrading your life?
Email coaching is offered at a monthly rate of $195 for daily (Tuesday–Saturday) support,
or schedule 3 months of coaching for $525.

Not sure if email coaching is right for you? Feel free to contact me with any questions or schedule a JumpStart Session and get a taste for my style of coaching.


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