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EVERYONE deserves to know the joys and freedom of a sugar-free lifestyle.

Price: $2.99!

Avoidance of sugar does not have to be an all or nothing exercise. How much and how fast you eliminate sugar all depends on how motivated you are and what health issues you are dealing with. Even if your ultimate goal is to go completely sugar and flour free, keep in mind that the best approach may be to eliminate in phases.

This isn’t a guide on how to balance your blood sugar or manage your total sugar intake…although it can definitely help! Unless your health requires you to track sugar content, SweetShine believes it is more important to judge a drink or food by the nutrients it offers rather than simply the sugar content.

This is a 14 module self-guided program through modules that will educate, engender awareness, share recipes, and guide you in cultivating sweetness naturally in your life and diet so that you can confidently and comfortably live sugar-free! My goal is to ultimately put the power of knowing what to eat in your hands, because only you know yourself best!

Included in this program:

  • 14 modules with action steps and education for the lesson
  • The Many Colors of Sugar ebook – a quick and dirty look at different sweeteners
  • Sugar Basics ebook – how sugar is processed in the body and affects your health and well-being
  • instruction manual on How to Read Labels
  • useful practitioners, books, websites,  and other resources to build upon your experience and education
  • tried and true methods for managing sugar cravings
  • guided 2 week completely sugar-free challenge

Download a preview here.

Purchase your copy of TheGuide to SugarFreedom.
Make a difference in your life!


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